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 Giving Back to the Community

Volunteering is an amazing way to


At Marie Kelly Unlimited, we believe that Giving Back

is an important part of not only an investment in our community,

but an investment in those who may not otherwise

have the chance to follow their dreams, or move onto the next chapter

in their lives without the assistance of a passionate heart.

At Marie Kelly Unlimited we are always on the move to

help our community grow stronger, by building teams,

increasing success stories, and making dreams come true.

At Marie Kelly Unlimited, we are

"Staging a Difference, in the Lives of Others"TM

Lake County Women's Shelter gets a Makeover

thanks to the Volunteer efforts of

Marie Kelly Unlimited & Designs For Dignity

Designs For Dignity a 5013(c) charitable organization

that provides no cost Interior Design services

to non profit organizations throughout the Chicago area,

along with Lead Designer, Patricia Marie Kelly

of Marie Kelly Unlimited, donated countless hours

to makeover a local Women's Shelter

Main Lobby, Counseling Room, and Educational Center

for it's shelter residents.

Together with Corporate volunteers from Buehler and Cole Parmer,

these areas were painted, restyled, and transformed with new

furniture donated from Designs For Dignity, to create a more

peaceful and calming atmosphere for shelter residents.

October 2011

Congratulations to Patricia Marie Kelly,

who was selected this Fall as House Captain,

to head up a new Rehab Project here in Chicago.

This labor intensive project began September 2011 with

a multitude of home repairs performed by local contractors,

leading up to Volunteer Day on October 20th, 2011

with over 32 local volunteers dedicated to helping

the homeowners of this project, clear the clutter

from their home, in order to make it a safer, healthier,

and more peaceful place to live.

Homeowners were overcome with joy

when they returned to their home, to find it

not only warmer, safer, and dryer,

but also professionally organized and staged,

by House Captain, Patricia Marie Kelly

Marie Kelly Unlimited is proud to support

these local community organizations

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